The Fixing


Misto teleports back to Charlotte, who calls for help from Vir to help him. However, the anon gives some worrying news to the wounded anon…

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jailbaitvstheworld whispered: Pros: I heard you are incarnation of lust so. Not inexperienced. Cons: Your lust flirted with me before and it was really REALLY awkward.

HAHAHa…. Ha… Sorry… About him. [He grins uneasily.] Er. But, um, yes, I do have… Quite a lot of experience….

the-scarlet-witchie whispered: Pro: Your extensive knowledge of biology is a huuuuuuge plus. Con: Pretty sure your husband would not be happy about it.


VIR? HAHAHAHAHAA. Funny. He would promote that.

owo I would only be unhappy if I could not in some way participate.

queenofcorgis whispered: Pro: That stupid face, your magical talents, your knowledge of my kinks, you love me. Con: Sometimes you're a little obtuse, but I still love you...dweeb. -Queenie


…I’m only a /little/ bit obtuse….

ghostlyanon whispered: Pro. We both now what this thing is about *eyebrow waggle* Con. You're out of time uwu Way too old .-Misto

/Shut up Mistoffelees/.

marchingthroughthetardis whispered: Pro: You're eager and enthusiastic, and very handsome. Con: You look like I used to, which is frankly offputting.

And yet you called me handsome, heh~ [He grins.] I could always change forms, if you would like that~

Send me one pro and one con you could see with having sex with my character.
(anons welcome)

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Anonymous whispered: Do you like???? Fuck people to death?

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